5 Foods For Healthy Eyes

You probably have heard that carrots are healthy for your eyes, but there are actually lots of foods that can help your vision. Make these five foods part of your regular diet to keep your eyes in top shape for years to come!

All Leafy Greens
Whether you are eating spring mix or spinach, leafy greens are incredibly good for your eyesight. This is because they are packed with lutein and zeaxanthin, which are both excellent antioxidants.

The yolk of the egg is extremely healthy for your eyes. It has lutein and zeaxanthin as well as zinc. These help to reduce your chances of macular degeneration.

Berries are packed full of Vitamin C. This is excellent for the health of your vision and will reduce your risk of vision problems in the future.

Almonds are filled with Vitamin E which will slow macular degeneration if you already have it. One handful everyday can be very helpful and healthful.

Tuna, salmon, anchovies, trout, and mackerel are very rich in DHA. This is a fatty acid that is found in your retina and has been linked to improving dry eye syndrome.

These five foods will help your vision and the health of your eyes. All of these foods are good for your general health too, so make sure that you grab them next time you are at the grocery store! For more healthy eye tips, contact us today!

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